got silk?

The stash got a little larger…but only a little. Really. We went to a silk exporter, which was so overwhelming that I actually couldn’t even think about buying much. Bags and bags of silk, piles and piles of silk, floors and floors of silk. I bought one little skein of lustrous blue yarn, and some sari silk and some sliver carded from the same stuff.

the loot.
the loot.

I have such a backlog of cocoons from my own cats that I was not at all tempted by the noil and hankies. But Nisha bought some, so I’ll get to play with it in the mountains and teach people how to work with those preparations. I’m having non-buyer’s remorse about not buying more of the glossy yarn, but watching them pull out the equivalent of 3 big garbage bags full of every color imaginable just kind of short-circuited my brain.

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