Möbius, Maybe No

Last winter when I was working on an infinity scarf, a friend became fascinated with the idea of knitting a möbius strip. He asked if it would be possible to knit a möbius with diagonal stripes flowing into each other. So I played around with some strips of graph paper and determined that no, it’s not possible because the slope of the diagonals would flip from positive to negative (or, depending on how you look at it, the other way around). But you COULD, I decided, knit a möbius with chevrons that flow into each other. And if you CAN knit it, you MUST knit it, right?

Like all my best ideas (actually, like all my ideas, period) this one lay dormant for about a year. But eventually I broke out those graph paper bits again and got to work. I knit, and checked, and knit, and checked, and knit, and was just so pleased with myself. I got to the point of grafting and got set to figure out how to graft in pattern. Back to the graph paper…and I realized that it wouldn’t work. The knits shift to purls at the transition. I can’t figure out how I screwed this up–I checked so many times! I was so tickled at exploiting the inverse relationship of knits and purls! I thought I was so badass!


So, back to the drawing board. I think this time I will just knit diagonals, which will form one big set of nested chevrons when twisted and grafted. Which will probably look cooler than this would have anyway. At least that’s what I’m telling myself…

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